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Reading an article on alzheimers and it says African Americans are disproportionately affected by Alzheimer’s, possibly because they have high rates of blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are risk factors.  Well, I am Caucasion, and have high blood pressure so I would assume I am also a risk factor – that and the fact my Mom has frontal temporal dementia, my Grandfather had Alzheimers and my Grandmother had ALS.  

Wow — I am hoping for a quick death when older, like the 80+ year old who ran the NY Marathon then died soon after.  What a way to go, you have a feeling of accomplishment and no long term suffering.


Dementia sucks the life out of everyone — that includes the person, their loved ones, the staff that takes care of them.  It is such a terrible disease and lasts too long.  I wish they could find some cure for it.  I already know if I get anywhere near to thinking I will lose my mind I am off’g myself.  That is in all seriousness.  The disease is too heartbreaking to watch and the feeling of helplessness you endure is too much.

A lady at my Mom’s nursing home who speaks only Spanish caught my eye from day 1. She would always dance, hand me random objects like a shoe, toilet paper roll, fork, etc. She would always wander and smile. Just recently I went there and she is now in a wheelchair. I guess she has been having problems and is no longer stable on her feet. This hit me harder than I would have thought, I saw my Mom lose her sense of balance and it brought me back to that time. I feel so bad for this women’s family and pray for them as they go through this change in her life. I HATE Dementia, it sucks everything out of a person…

I have been reflecting back on the 6 years since my Mom was diagnosed with Picks Disease.  I wish #1 I never had to go through watching this disease but #2 if I can’t change that that I could do everything over.  I know so much more now and am better equipped to deal with the stress.  I know even if I could help my Mom in different ways it would not be perfect but I would handle many situations better.  I am sure others who read this will know exactly what I am talking about.  When she was first diagnosed, I never knew what she was going to do or how she would act and I stressed so much over that.  Looking back I can see some things I worried about were unnecessary.  If you are able to comment with your story about this please do.

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