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this is the first summer i cannot take my mom out of the nursing home.  i cannot take her to my house to sit around outside with us in the backyard.  this stinks.  i did not realize how hard it would be until the realization set in that she simply cannot come to my house anymore.  the nursing home needs a lift to change her, she cannot stand at all and it is too difficult to do this even with 2 people sometimes.  i cannot risk having her fall and not be able to lift her back up.  last summer and all the summers prior she was with us every weekend almost.  i miss those times now, even when they were hard and she was always asking me for more and more I miss my mom.  


I have had a couple readers comment how their loved one had both Picks and ALS.  My Grandmother, who was my Mothers Mom, had ALS and my Mom has Picks.  I know there is some connection and am wondering if anyone can comment and explain what they have found out on this link?  This is scary to have run in a family.  I will research this also but any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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