We went to see my Mom at 10am and had a small party in the conference room of nursing home.  My Aunt came as she is the Guardian of another resident.  We bought bruch type foods and chatted for awhile.  My kids are so used to going to nursing home now they don’t think twice about it which is nice.  My Mom and my 2 year old are funny when they communicate, it is almost like they are on the same level.  My 2 year old asked my Mom if her coffee was hot, my Mom responded yes, a bit – i wish the lady would have stirred it better but I won’t push it with her…as though my daughter understood.  My Mom thinks she is so cute and she loves the kids but these days mixes up the names.  She calls my oldest John Jr. which is my Husband’s name but not his he is Steven.  She usually does not remember the others by name but is nice to them.