I don’t normally take my Mom to Church with us but did on Sunday for the Christmas performance.  I worry she will pee and leak out as the diapers don’t hold but luckily she did not.  She was super excited and was singing loudly, all the wrong words for most part – if she did not know a song she sang one she did know or was a couple rows behind or ahead in the ones she did.  She also wanted to stand whenever the guy in front of her did…I was afraid she might fall over but she stood more that night then I have seen in a long time.  After the show she wanted some snacks, and had a big cupcake, punch and 2 pink cookies.  She told me exactly what she wanted.  The next day I received a call from nursing home none of her clothes fit, she needs size 16-18.  I said I bought her maternity clothes which stretch and to look for those.  No walking and her appetite for sweets is making her rather large but she looks much healthier than when she dropped to 95 lbs.