I have not been posting so much since my kids were on vacation from school and I have been busy with them but we have still seen my Mom weekly.  She can no longer stand at all, she is too weak.  It has become difficult to dress her since she hunches over so far down and I bought her maternity clothes hoping these would be easier to take on and off. She does seem in better spirits however, not as manic as when she was first diagnosed in 2006 and continued to be for so many years.  Maybe now that she can no longer walk she is not fighting to escape.  I don’t know. She sometimes still talks about how she wants to get her own place with some friends she made at the nursing home.  She always gives my daughter a stuffed animal when we see her and tells the kids she loves them.  My kids love her and actually like visiting with her.  Not even dementia can break our family bond.