I met with a new Care Coordinator on 5/8/12 and expressed my concerns my Mom could not walk or even stand without falling and how I wanted her back in PT or OT.  She seemed to agree my Mom could be doing better and said she would check if she could get these services again or at least be walked on a restorative plan.  They said they want to send my Mom to a private facility for a complete detox on her medicines.  This lady felt my Mom was more agitated and maybe needed some reworking of meds.  I said she was, in my opinion, agitated because stuck on dementia floor with mostly advanced Alzheimer’s patients who cannot engage whatsoever.  My Mom only likes to hang out with the staff since they can engage, not the residents, and who can blame her?  The lady seemed to agree this was the case also.  She said it would be nice if my Mom had access to a facility with younger residents that were not so far along in dementia process.  Agreed!  But unfortunately there are not many options in Illinois that are close enough for us to visit my Mom weekly.  I was told she would follow up on the detox.

Update:  I called 5/23/12 for an update, her tone was much cooler this time as though she did not think this was so important.  She gave me a story the social worker had a sick mother and she had to wait to talk to her.  I asked if my my Mom was being walked daily, she said she believed so…I did not receive any reassurance this was actually being done.  She also did not follow up if my Mom can get back into OT/PT.

She claims she will call me back later – for what I wonder?  Will she have any actual facts this time about my Mom and her care?