My Mom turned 65 today and it was bittersweet to say the least.  She did not qualify in Illinois for supportive living until she hit 65 for 99.9% of supportive places – supportive living is medicaid paid vs. private pay.  She would have been a great fit in 2006-2010 in any of these but now that she is 65 she is much psychically weaker and probably would not be accepted to most, if any of these places.  I had her over today and she was very weak.  Her sister had picked her up in the morning and they went to Church and then to a Chinese Buffett.  Her sister said she was weak and did not eat much.  My Mom’s voice was hoarse so maybe she is a bit under the weather.  She could barely stand and was much weaker than normal.  My husband had to help me in the bathroom with her as she could barely stand and was hunched over most of the time.  We had dinner and then cake and ice cream.  The nurse at Bridgeview Health Care seems nice and she helped me put my Mom to bed.  She said she would keep an eye on her and would check her vitals.  I am sad today thinking how this disease has progressed for 6 years now and only gets worse, I suppose these thoughts hit on birthdays/anniversarys/milestones more in any situation.