I am blogging on my Mom’s repetitive ways – this is not to be mean, just to post in case it rings a bell for any readers.  I had my Mom over Sunday, right away she wanted something to drink – I said no because she is incontinent so I try to limit fluids to mealtimes.  She asked about this at least 5 times then moved onto candy.  “you have candy, give me some candy” and she found some m&m’s and ate them all.  Then at dinner time we ordered pizza and when it came, I was setting the table and dividing up the plates – she of course was given her 2 pieces first because she was already antsy, but right away she kept asking if she could have more.  I did not finish serving anyone and had not even sat down yet when she began repeatedly asking for more before she finished even one piece.  Then when I did sit down, she had finished and kept asking me for more, but I made her wait till I ate a bit.  She was not happy with me and kept complaining.  Finally we went inside (were eating in backyard) and I gave her another piece.  She gave me a dirty look and said it was not cheesy enough.  She wanted another piece – I told her to eat that one first then she wanted another so I gave her a cheesier piece.  She ate 4 pieces of pizza then moved onto asking for cookies or candy repeatedly – I still hadn’t finished my dinner.  I finally gave her a cookie tin and she ate some cookies.  She also saw my Husband holding some screws and thought it was candy, and was telling him “to give her some”.  He explained it was not candy and she just went on asking for candy.  On the way driving her back to nursing home she told my 10 year old son and I she had been a good help.  We both kind of laughed and she pouted saying “she did the best she could”.  We has always had repetitive ways regarding something since 2006 – it used to be going — somewhere, anywhere — always.  Then it was wanting me to pick her up at 5am or whenever she woke up and getting very antsy until I would arrive hours later.  Then it was showering, if she wanted a shower at my house and I did not drop everything immediately she would strip which was semi-awkward with my kids around.  Then it was shaving, I would have to shave her when she decided or hear about it until I had done it.  This seems to be her trademark with this disease.  My husband and I always try to find the humor in it and how it is cute but some family members cannot take it and even my brother seems to think she does it to drive him nuts, which is ludicrous.