I received a call on Good Friday that my Mom had fallen from her bed after a nap, the bed was on lowest setting and there was a mat but she had some bruising.  They said they asked x-ray tech to come in just to check on this.

A couple of hours later they called again and said she was complaining her knee and foot hurt so they were sending her to MacNeal Hospital to be x-rayed since since techs had not come in yet.  In the background I heard yelling and asked if that was her.   It was.  It was not a pain yell but more of a yell just to yell.

I was able to talk to her on the phone and calm her down.  I think maybe she was mad because it was past her bedtime and she gets cranky.  I spoke to them today and all is ok but it is worrisome now that she is falling more.

I have planned to take her to an Easter Buffet close by thinking this might be easier but am not sure how it will go.  I hope well as we have about 10 people coming.