This Sunday I went to pick up my Mom from nursing home around 3pm, she was in the wheelchair so I wheeled her out to the car, helped her get in and then put the wheelchair in the foyer of the home.  I did not realize she had gone downhill again walking, the last 2 weeks she was getting around pretty well but today she could not. She could not walk more than a few steps, her posture was of sitting almost instead of standing when walking.  My husband and I had a hard time walking her from car to house, she kept saying she was going to fall and then would just sit down.  She could not follow our commands to stand straight or listen when we said she would not fall.  It was a difficult task getting her to the couch also.  If I would have realized this I would have brought the wheelchair with.  She was on medicare for therapy for a few weeks and she ran out of her time on it so I think they have had her sitting only at the home.  My Husband says if she is not in the routine of walking it is hard for her to remember and I think this is the case.  I am not happy but the system only allows for therapy at certain times and not ongoing.  It is a vicious cycle, she can’t walk, falls, they put her in therapy, she gets stronger, can walk, they take her off therapy, she gets worse, cannot walk.