I picked my Mom up around 2:30pm and she stayed at my house till around 7pm.  She was doing much better I am happy to say.  She was able to walk on her own and seemed much more coherent.  She sat outside with us for a couple of hours since it was around 70 degrees and then we came inside and ate.  She has a new kick of eating a lot…she has put on about 15 pounds as of late.  She keeps wanting to eat and drink all the time and I have to limit it so she doesn’t have an upset stomach and isn’t too wet (she is in depends).  We sat down to eat and right away she kept saying she wanted another burger, I told her she didn’t eat the one she had yet and to wait. Well, waiting doesn’t work with my Mom so she kept repeating this until she was given another.  Then she demanded cookies and coffee right away.  I am basically used to that so my husband and I just laugh about it.  All around it was a good visit and I hope her walking will stay strong.