My Mom was taken back to Bridgeview yesterday morning. I went to see her today, she had just fallen and has a huge bruise on her thigh. They said she wanted to lay down for a nap, she has the alarm for when she gets up on her but still she fell before they could come to her room. She didn’t seem to mind it, which was good. She wanted to come over and she spent a few hours with us. She was very unsteady and weak, I believe the hospital didn’t let her walk as they had her sitting entire time when I was there. She will need to rebuild her leg strength. I did have her walk from car to house, she walked in my house and only fell once lightly and then she walked from car to foyer of the nursing home. She was tired by 6pm and wanted to go to bed. I discover they had boxed up all her clothes and they said it is “procedure” for when a resident goes to a hospital in case they don’t return. Ok, fine, but why wasn’t her stuff put back for her use? She certainly cannot do this. I spent some time unpacking and mysteriously her dresser was removed too. I asked where that went and nobody knew, but they finally found it in another room. Weird but that is how it goes at nursing homes I have found. I made sure my Mom was changed, the bed was lowered and there was a mat put on floor before I left. Hopefully this will help if she does get up and fall. I had tried unsuccessfully to get her into a Lexington when she was at hospital so she stays at Bridgeview for now. I think this place is ok, but I had liked the Lexington better – which of course is booked a year out. Tomorrow her sister is going to take her to Church so she will like that. The main issue we have is her mind still wants to go but the body cannot keep up. I hope she can get her strength back again, only time will tell.