As I blogged, last Thursday my Mom was taken to hospital for acting out and put on the psych floor. She actually likes it, as do many others who are admitted there for various issues if you did not know this. I know of people who consider it a vacation from life. I think it is a relaxed setting and you are provided with your meals and do small group sessions. They are monitoring her for a few days, they increased her Depicot from 500mg to 1000mg. I went to visit Sunday and she was doing ok. She kept asking the staff for a snack and they had just eaten so they told her it would be served in 1 hour. My Mom doesn’t like to not be served when she wants, and kept asking over and over for the snack and trying to get up and find one. She is very unsteady and a fall risk so they wanted her to stay seated. The staff was nice.

BUT – here are my complaints regarding MacNeal Hospital:

1. on Thursday when she was admitted, I could not get a live person to connect me to where she was so I could receive an update. I was put into a voicemail and was not called back. I called the next morning and demanded to talk to someone and after being on hold for 5-10 minutes finally a nurse came on. She told me my Mom was doing well and that she had a password for me. That is general procedure when on a psych floor, for privacy.
2. I went there Sunday to visit (they only have 1 hour/day visiting M-F and 2x on weekends). I did not know her floor or room number. I went to the desk and they told me at first she was not there, I was at wrong hospital. I said no, she is there. They said she is not in system. I said she is on psych floor and she said that is not in her Database and she could not help me. I said listen up, I have one hour to visit, and I am not leaving until I see her. She told me to check at emergency desk. So I go there and again they are trying to say they don’t have that info, I keep demanding to see her, I am getting SOO mad at this place. They say why don’t I have the room #, I said the nurse didn’t tell me and how should I know to have this, usually the hospital tells you at the front desk! They mention it is about HEPA, I said I know about HEPA but this is ridiculous. Finally, begrudgingly, the lady gives me a sheet of paper with her room # but no directions on how to get there so I have to walk around and ask workers. Also, the first lady told me to “find a security guard, maybe he would help me!” This was total insanity and I called and complained the next day. The head nurse called me back and is supposedly escalating this. I will not take this kind of nonsense, I know the system well enough by now to push back. I told the head nurse a hospital is supposed to be better than this, and compassion should be at the core of their ministry – she said the nursing home should have told me – give me a break, if there is one thing you cannot depend on it is good info from ANY nursing home once a patient is hospitalized. I told her not to make excuses, and they should be better run that a nursing home.