My Mom has been at the current nursing home for about 6 months and although she can walk she sometimes is a bit unsteady so they want her to stay in wheelchair and only walk when they can watch her. She doesn’t like it and who can blame her. She was acting up yesterday, not listening and very anxious so they sent her to MacNeal Hospital for “observance”. They of course admitted her to psych ward. The social worker called me today, I told him she has been there before and they will not be able to “fix” her as she has dementia, not a psychosis. It is Deja Vu all over again – let’s do the same experiment and get the same results all over again. This will only screw with her mind and make her mental state worse. Nothing good will come of this but I am stuck now. “Sending out for observance” is a fancy way of saying she was being a pain to deal with. Now I can only visit one hour a day and not with my kids. This is maybe her 5th visit over the years to various psych wards from various nursing homes. It makes me feel so out of control and frustrated, especially now that I understand the system better. I am playing the Lotto daily, if I hit it big Private Pay here we come.