Today I went to visit my Mom, they had her locked in a wheelchair and she was clearly crying before I came, all red eyed and puffy. They said she was walking all over, not listening and they were afraid she would break a hip. I took her out and we sat downstairs together and she told me she hates it here, she is treated like a slave and a baby and all she wanted was to go to bed early and they wouldn’t let her. She said the staff stinks and it is the worst place ever. If my Mom is coherent enough to express herself I think she is right, she is being without the respect she deserves. I REALLY wish I could find a better facility or that I could bring her to live with me right now. I feel pretty hopeless, having her 24/7 is not doable for me with 3 kids and a job and it is SOO hard to find a good nursing home. I have lost my faith in them and that is not good. I spoke to one worker who seems compassionate and she said all nursing homes are the same, even if they are outwardly more inviting, newer, fancier. I suppose it is like day care for babies, you never get the quality of care that you would hope for. You instead get stressed out underpaid workers.