We stayed home and just had my Mom over as my father-in-law invited us but he has 14 stairs up to his condo and we know my Mom cannot possibly do this. It was a pretty relaxing day, we watched Elf and played UNO. My Mom started falling asleep on the couch around 7 and then wanted to sleep over. I was worried she might fall in the middle of the night and I don’t have a bed for her, only the couch. Also the incontinence worries me, I don’t know how she is during the night. I told her better to sleep at the nursing home and she was not happy with me. She said that is what she gets for asking, nobody wants to help her and generally pouted and guilt-tripped me. I actually enjoyed this, she has some of her fire back with was missing. She was walking ok today, she walks with knees bent as though ready to sit down at any point. She still tires pretty easily but mentally she seemed more with it today which was great.