I picked my Mom up two days ago for a house visit. I had not seen her in two weeks as I had been very busy with my kids. She had a definite decline physically. She could not walk or hold her body up, she had to be carried basically and when she tried would crumple in a heap. Her legs were swollen, especially her feet. I know in the two weeks the nursing home probably kept her in the wheel chair 24/7. I was so upset by this decline. It is so hard to see your Mom in this condition and I know it will only get worse. I am looking into a new home for her, I have been trying but it is hard because all medicaid accepting homes that are good are booked indefinitely and I want to move her once to a good home, not to one I am unsure of and may have to move her again. In other strange news, I called the nursing home today and spoke to the nurse. She claims my Mom is her old self. she has been walking around. The nurse said she did not notice a decline. Maybe I just had her on a bad day, but I find it hard to believe one day she cannot move and the next she is freely walking.