The last couple of months have been very hard on me. My Mom fell, was admitted to hospital, they said pnemonia at first-then she was not getting better, went back in and they said she had fluid around heart and lungs. She is getting weaker physically by the day and they say she needs rehab. She goes to Lexington in La Grange, IL and there they do rehab but keep her confined to wheelchair as they are afraid she will fall. I keep trying to tell them she was walking fine a month ago and please let her walk but they won’t. Then after about a week I have to move her to a different nursing home as Lexington wants her out, they claim medicare will run out but I think she was too problematic for them as the social worker said “i don’t think she is a good fit for this facility”. The new facility is making her stay on Dementia floor and when I try to have her moved they will not. Well, by now my Mom can barely walk and cannot lift herself out of a chair and is incontinent. I cannot believe how bad she has gotten in maybe 2 months. I am so worried and at first my priority was moving her to a better home but now I want to find out if something medical is going on and the Dr. here is nice and trying to help so I will keep her here for time being until I find out if another medical issue is at play or if the Pick’s is causing this. I was so upset but now am just trying to maintain and advocate for my Mom. I am going to see her today, I hope she is a little better.