I was asked this by a reader and here is what I saw in my Mom:
I was curious before your mom was admitted was she having trouble with incontinence bladder or bowel or showing signs of IEED-Involuntary emotional expression disorder?

When my Mom was first being diagnosed, she definitely suffered from emotional disorder, she would get so upset and cry so loud, screaming like in pain. It was so hard to see. I believe she was scared out of her mind about losing it and was super stressed out. Her husband was very unsupportive and combative with her which made her situation worse.
She also had urinary trouble, she would go about 200 times a day, but hardly anything would come out. It was more of a mind over matter thing. I do believe that was caused by medicine and now that she is not taking any longer it seems to have gotten better. If your loved one has urinary issues definitely check into the medicines as they have side effects you would not expect.