I picked my Mom up on Wednesday and she spent the night so we could go to Indiana to visit family on Thursday.  Here are some observations I made on my Mom and her behavior over the 2 days:

-When I arrived to her studio, I told her we needed clothes.  She only had a few dresses hanging, everything else she owned was on closet floor crumpled.  I asked the lady who does laundry about this, she said the residents have option to do themselves or have help and my Mom doesn’t want any help and won’t let her in.  I asked her to please wash a few items so my Mom would have warm clothes upon her return.  My Mom was very agitated we didn’t just leave, and kept following me around saying things like “come on, let’s go, don’t worry about it”.  I wanted to try to fix up the closet, as I suspect she is washing but then throwing the clothes down instead of hanging them but she was too anxious so we left.

At my house she was ok, but she just didn’t know what to do and I know that is because her mind is not there, it is almost blank.  She sat on the couch, watched tv, didn’t really interact with kids, and stood over me a lot just staring, waiting for me to do something for her…she likes to be entertained.  She did sleep a full night – I wasn’t sure if she would as I have been told she is up and down a lot.  She is doing better than the previous years, with anxiety which is good.

After the Thanksgiving party we drove her back, and she sang to Xmas carols.  My husband made a phone call on the way, and My Mom kept answering to him, had no idea he wasn’t talking to her which was actually pretty funny.  She also believed things that didn’t make sense, for instance my husband had to get a checkbook out of another car and she thought before he even made it there he had done it (in about 1 second).  Also if we joked at all she couldn’t tell it was a joke and took as true.  I am not sure what that is called, what sense is lost, but she is more childlike you could say.  I read that on another site describing Pick’s and find that description very true…

All in all a good holiday.