I believe I mentioned I am filing a proper divorce on behalf of my Mother as the Ex divorced her by publication and did not notify us (he published this in a Jewish newspaper, knowing we are not Jewish and would not see) and remarried. I have been trying to get a proper divorce for my Mother as she has not received a dime from him since 2006, he removed her from his insurance without letting us know and also he never gave her any of her stuff. So he is living in her house with the new wife. It is disgusting. He said since she gets medicaid and a place to stay he should get the rest. This divorce has been pending for 2 years, I had to file for guardianship as the Judge said POA is not enough. Well, finally yesterday I went for the pre-trial. I did not have to speak and the Ex was not there (thank you God) but my attorney said good to come. That means we are actually moving —slowly but it is something. I will update on this as it moves. I feel strongly that I need to defend my Mother on the basis it is completely wrong to treat the sick like they do not matter, and even if she cannot remember it all I do this in her honor.