Every week i drive 45 minutes to see my Mom…the minute i arrive she wants to leave, have me take her to lunch, and somewhere that she finds exciting.  It is draining for me – the drive alone is far, then rushing around and listening to her complain the whole time – she likes to guilt trip me, telling me how she misses us, wants to spend more time with us, why can’t we do this or that, but i know it is part of the disease and she needs us.

Recently they had an outing where the facility took them to a mall, and they had one hour to shop then meet up.  Well, my Mom didn’t show, they waited 45 minutes, then had to call mall security to get her.  She said she was shopping and she checked back and they weren’t there but this is not the story the workers have.  I was worried she was lost for a minute, but it appears she just forgot to come back.

As this is a supportive living, it is possible to work part time and still receive benefits, so a group came out and spoke on the subject, my Mom thought she had a job immediately.  I confirmed with facility she does not qualify for this.

I do wish my Mom was closer, but as i have stated, in Chicago area there are not too many options by city so you have to go farther out.

Keeping the faith,