About a month ago i sent letters to my Mom’s 2 sisters, her son, and her 2 cousins.   I told them she was at a new place and was doing well.  I gave the address and phone #.  Nobody wrote or called.  My Mom keeps asking me why no one goes to visit her, and I just say I don’t know.  It is heartbreaking.  She not only lost her husband to this disease, was abandoned by her “friends” but now also is being forsaken by her family.
Especially hard for me to deal with is my brother, who does not work full time, has no children, and has not even made an attempt to visit or call in months.

I guess I should have expected this as the family has always been about themselves but sometimes it can get you down.  We are still visiting my Mom every Sunday and she really enjoys this, tells me she misses us and looks forward to our visits.

I wonder what the others are thinking, their reasons for being too busy, or is it fear or some other emotion?