I started this blog when i was really down and worried about what i would do with my Mom.  I was so tired of nursing homes and the bad care and problems and wanted a better solution.  We live in Illinois so note this material may not apply to all states.

I checked into assisted living, called over 30 and was told by all private pay only, $5,000/month average cost which I could not afford.  I asked if they would take a “charity case” where we would pay $1,000 per month from her disability but was told no.

I called the Alzheimer’s association and they told me of a group called Silver Connections that helps find places for loved ones with dementia.  I had no hope they would be able to find anything beyond what I had but decided to give it a try.  I spoke to a lady Diane and she was a blessing.  She was so helpful and didn’t care that we were medicaid only, meaning her group would not be paid.  She sent me several listings and the only nursing homes were far away (hour or more in driving distance) or close by and crummy.  After several conversations she asked me if I had checked out supportive living.

What is supportive living?  It is basically assisted living but most facilities are 65+ age only and up and my Mom was only 63 so she did not qualify.  There are 2 places that take under 65 that I considered, both owned by Eden Supportive Living.  They take physical disabilities and under age 65.  Would my Mom’s pick disease qualify?  Well, i started with the one by Wrigley Field and was told no because some doctor had put bi-polar and szichoprenia on her chart, which was incorrect but scared the staff away.  Once I had that incorrect diagnosis removed (yet again) I tried the Eden in North Aurora.  I also spoke to the department that handles the supportive living and the lady in charge said Pick’s could qualify as a physical disability so I had hope.  I had to bring my Mom in to be interviewed and I hoped she would pass as she gets very anxious and repeats herself quite a bit.

My Mother was accepted to my delight as the facility was very nice.  It is a 45 minute drive from where we live, which was a downside, but the upside is they take the medicaid for payment, and my Mom receives $90/month for spending money from that.  They take the residents on outings every week and have a weekly weight training class.  They also have a weight room, basketball court, beautiful garden (where you can grown your own if you choose) and a walkway to a lookout point by Fox River.  They provide either private studio apartments or shared 2 bedroom apartments and they have 3 meals daily in dining room.

The facility is rather large, 5 floors so I worried it would be too much for my Mom, but decided to try it as her biggest complaint is lack of freedom.

She moved in at end of May and it is now 2 months later and she is still there so I hope this will work out.  She started with a roommate, a lady who had a stroke but my Mom was using her bathroom supplies and personal items so that did not work out.  They gave my Mom her own studio apartment.  We have had some problems like my Mom saying someone stole $20 (which I think she may have lost) but overall we think this is a great place for her.  We still visit weekly.  I will keep posting as this situation progresses.