This list is from the beginning till present, as the disease goes in stages, I will probably add more as it comes to me but this is a start:

1.  Not eating, becoming very skinny

2.  Inappropriate behavior/dressing

3.  Not cleaning well, herself and home

4.  Spacing out a lot

5.  Excessive walking

6.  Frequent urination

7.  Repetition of speech

8.  Instant gratification (wanted all her wishes immediately)

9.  Eating very fast, drinking very fast

10.  Incredible tolerance for pain

11.  Loss of emotion

12.  Loss of conversational skills

13.  High anxiety level

14.  Becoming “childlike”

15.  Inability to focus

16.  Insomnia

17.  Depression

18.  Tripping/falling/losing balance more often than normal

19.  Craving alchohol (which she never did previously, we had to hide all liquor if she found she would pound a whole bottle/can etc.

20.  Wandering

21.  Stealing (we have had to watch her closely if we take her to someone else’s house as she has stolen jewelry, money etc.)