Today is Sunday and every Sunday we have my Mom over.  She knows it and really enjoys coming over.  Sometimes her sister takes her to Catholic Mass if she is not working, today she had to so I picked up my Mom around 1.  Previous to 1 I started receiving phone calls from the nursing home, my Mom wanted to be picked up earlier and by the time I arrived they had her sitting between 2 nurses at front desk as she kept trying to walk out.  She was almost shaking with anxiety, but by the time we came home she relaxed.  She has been doing better lately, some of her medications have been switched which I think has helped.  She has been eating better as she is on an appetite stimulant, previously she only wanted to eat sweets but now is eating more variety.  She stayed until after dinner then wanted me to take her back.  I bought her a new dress from Kmart and she was pleased – I helped her into her pajamas and hung up the outfit then came home.

Over all a good day.