This site expresses frustrations but I want to make it clear through it all I love my Mother with all my heart and am trying to do the best I can for her.  My earliest memory is of her reading to me, taking me to library, which has been a tremendous help in life.  She was always there for me and I will always be there for her.

I am currently trying to find a new home for her that will meet her needs.  I am in a hard place as the husband divorced on the sly and moved new wife into my Mother’s home so I am trying to obtain a correct divorce with spousal support and until this is accomplished she is only receiving SS Disability, around $1,000/month.  I would LOVE to place her in a private pay facility as so nice, but $3,500/month is the lowest and $5,000/month seems the normal range.  This is hard for me to do as I would need to cover at minimum $2,500/month for a private pay facility.  I am looking into options for grants, etc.  I am trying to keep the faith that something good will come from all this.