Born 1947 current age 63, still living

First Diagnosed with Picks Disease in Summer of 2006

Previous to this Diagnosis was diagnosed as having BiPolar Disorder (based on rule out method)

July 2006:  Luckily I had the foresight to see the Husband was not going to do a good job caring for my Mom and I have her sign power of attorney paperwork so doctors, etc. will talk to me on her behalf

*Husband told me she was my problem in summer 2006, and refused to help pay for any care

Placed in first nursing home in Nov 2006-I had to apply for Medicaid as there is no savings and it takes me a lot of work to uncover 7 years of financial statements since Husband doesn’t help provide any info

Since 2006 has been at 6 nursing homes, with various issues at every one

January 2008 is divorced from Husband – He does this in secret by publication, stating he does not know how to find her which is LIE – I find this out from an anonymous letter in the mail

February 2008-present:  Have been trying to get my Mother a proper divorce with settlement so I am able to better serve her needs.  Husband remarried and moved new Wife into my Mothers House!!!

Notes:  Divorcing on someone else’s behalf is NOT easy – I have worked with over 4 lawyers so far and spent thousands of dollars on this case.

March 2010:  I obtain guardianship of my Mother, previously only had Power of Attorney