I am starting this blog to tell my Mother’s story regarding her battle with Pick’s Disease. This is a disease that is not very well known. It is a form of frontal lobe dementia that differs from Alzheimers in that sufferers usually don’t have memory loss at first, but rather have problems maintaining simple plans, familiar activities, etc. It is as though they cannot put 2+2 together any longer.

Picks disease strikes younger adults, 40-50 years on average.

My Mom, Connie, was diagnosed with Pick’s disease when she was 59 years old.  This was after years of trying to find out what was wrong, going to different MD’s and psychiatrists.  For awhile the psychiatrists diagnosed my Mom as Bipolar, which we all felt was odd as she hadn’t had prior symptoms.  She was given various medications that were supposed to help manage the symptoms.  The symptoms did not go away.  The medicines only made my Mom like a Zombie, with rigid arm motions when walking.  Finally, after a year or longer I found a younger psychiatrist who actually took some time to listen to me and he had my Mom admitted to the hospital and a brain scan performed.  Based on the results of the brain scan, he diagnosed her with Pick’s Disease.  At the time, there was less information online that there is now on this disease, and one site I found told about a husband dealing with his wife having Picks, and the description blew everyone who knew my Mom away – the symptoms were eerily similiar.

As this diagnosis started to sink in things fell apart even further for my Mom.  Her husband (not my Father) didn’t want anything to do with her and all the responsibility of taking care of my Mom fell on me.